Emergency Preparedness goes from barely there to best practice

A school’s emergency preparedness went from barely there to best practice with intensive support from Dynamiq.


In early 2019, a security incident occurred at a large multi-campus education institution in Australia. Police attended the incident and the entire campus was evacuated.

After the incident, police raised concerns with the school about a number of security issues across campus specifically in regard to the school’s evacuation and lockdown procedures. Dynamiq was quickly engaged to provide support to address the issues raised by police and conduct exercises to ensure the new policies were tested and understood by the entire staff group.

Dynamiq provided two staff members to conduct onsite, intensive training and mentoring to senior staff on evacuation, lockdown and warden procedures as well as critical incident management.

The school’s emergency management documents, such as evacuation diagrams, procedure summary charts and duty cards, were reviewed and updated.

Dynamiq then facilitated a school-wide exercise to test the updated procedures and the new response capabilities of the staff group.


The exercise and supporting emergency management documentation were reviewed by police. They praised the evacuation process and the quality and practicality of the documentation, support tools and exercise methodology.

As a result of this engagement, Dynamiq has been participating in a regional police school safety program, created to educate principals on risk factors and preparedness measures to bolster their resilience in an incident.

Why you should trust Dynamiq to keep your school safe

We have unparalleled experience in the Australian education sector across primary, secondary and tertiary environments. Our emergency management solutions are tailored to meet the individual needs of each school.

Our training meets Australian Standard AS 3745.

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