Strategic Security can help protect your investment

A strong security framework, underpinned by an effective risk management strategy, enables your organisation to thrive in new or uncertain environments.
No matter where your site or office is located, we can assist in assessing the security risk and devising appropriate measures to keep your people, operations and reputation from harm.

If you are setting up a site or office in a new location, we can analyse the risks of the country or area as well as at your particular premises. We help you create security management plans and standards to address the risks and ensure adequate arrangements are in place to get your people home safe.

By doing this legwork early, you’re not only preventing loss. You are also able to show regulators and potential investors you are addressing your legal requirements and ready to grasp new opportunities.

Dynamiq provides security review for high-threat mine site

An Australian-based mineral exploration company headquartered in Perth moved into a new joint venture office based in Abuja, Nigeria. The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade rates Nigeria as “Reconsider your need to travel” with an elevated threat level of “do not travel” for the Bauchi region.

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Carjacking averted with travel safety skills

When employees are sent overseas, they can face a number of potential hazards such as disease, crime, natural disasters and civil unrest. You’re obligated to prepare your people to manage and mitigate risks while they’re on the road.

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Assess your security posture and readiness

What should you be reviewing to understand if you need risk experts to support you? Dynamiq’s free tool gives you a quick and easy snapshot of what you should be considering in your organisation to protect your people and assets.

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Integrating security across your organisation

With Dynamiq, your security management framework will enable you to identify your organisation’s risks, apply resources to mitigate those risks and then measure your return on investment.

Even before your people leave home, we can assess their personal risk as well as the risks at the location in which they’re travelling. Our advisors provide pre-travel briefings and travel awareness training to make your people aware of the potential issues and what to do in an emergency.

At your site or office, we can audit or develop security management plans for day-to-day operations or special events. And if you’re located in a remote or high risk environment, our consultants can develop detailed emergency response or evacuation plans.

Once your risks are identified, there are plans in place to mitigate those risks and your people are trained in what to do in an incident, we work to optimise your emergency response.

We conduct a range of exercises with your stakeholders to test the effectiveness of your plan and entrench the new learnings inside your organisation.

Our virtual control room, EMQnet was designed to support organisations in remote and high-risk environments. The system further enhances your security framework by providing one source of immediate factual information and time-stamped actions, which enables faster and more effective action when an incident occurs.

The ISO-accredited crisis management system is used by some of the world’s most successful organisations to connect their Operations, Crisis, Corporate Affairs, Community Relations, Environment, and Human Resources teams.

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Some of the ways we improve your security framework

  • Security framework design
  • Virtual control room – EMQnet
  •  Drafting security standards
  • Security Risk Assessments
  • Site / Event security management plans
  • Emergency Response Plans for remote locations
  • Evacuation plans
  • Pre-travel briefings
  • Personal security awareness training

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