StaySafe - Protecting your Lone, Remote and Travelling Workforce

Travelling for work or working alone will increase the risks of nearly any occupation.

With our StaySafe solutions, your people will never be alone when something crops up.

Whether you’re operating with lone or remote workers or have a large international travelling workforce, we can help you monitor and communicate with your workforce through their itinerary, an app on their mobile, discreet alert button or through a range of satellite devices.

Our industry-leading Global Alerting Platform (GAP) is a real-time dashboard, giving you an immediate picture of where your people are at all times.

If your people require help, our 24/7 monitoring centre will respond.


How we protect your agile workforce

Customised solutions

From itinerary-based travel tracking, to smart phone apps, satellite devices, radio pendants and wearable devices, we'll work with you to find the best solution for your people.

Real-time dashboard

A platform that provides immediate visibility of where your people are – maximising the security and availability of your workforce.

Help at the push of a button

If an alarm is activated by one of your workers, our Monitoring Centre will respond 24/7. The Accredited Monitoring Centre is based in Sydney and is compliant with Australia’s National Police Alarm Activation Response Guidelines. This ensures your people are receiving best-practice services, anywhere in the world.

Journey management

Individuals can provide scheduled or unscheduled check ins on arrival or departure from specific locations or at waypoints during their journey.

Communicate with your people

Our platform can respond to alerts by initiating different communication types such as voice, SMS and email. Alerts are managed and distributed centrally whether it’s an SOS, person down, pending arrival, out of range detection, crossed geofence or low battery warning.

Messages can be sent to individual’s, as a broadcast, or you can issue ring-fenced messages to workers in a certain location

Be informed of global events

Alerts and notices keep your team informed of global events which could impact your people, operations or reputation. 


Contact us to find out more or read about our specific solutions for lone, remote and travelling workers. 

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