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With the help of Dynamiq Emergency Management Services, a school was able to follow the necessary procedures to keep their community safe from a chainsaw-wielding man.


On a Friday afternoon in June 2019, a man was seen carrying a chainsaw in close proximity to two schools. The man was seen slicing cars and chopping branches off trees. A huge police response was triggered, and the schools were put into lockdown.

Dynamiq had worked with one of the schools to develop a tailored lockdown plan. Staff were trained during regular lockdown simulations to ensure they knew what was required in a lockdown emergency.


The school staff and leadership team effectively enacted their lockdown plan.

Staff were aware of their duties and had the training and confidence to carry them out in a timely and efficient manner to keep the school community safe.

Police spent hours negotiating with the man and he was arrested hours later and taken to hospital. No one was injured in the incident.

Many of the staff commented in the incident de-brief that their participation in regular lockdown exercises enabled them to conduct a near perfect lockdown in this real-life emergency situation.

Why you should consider Dynamiq support for your education institution

Dynamiq is trusted by more than 1000 education institutions across Australia to help prepare them for emergency events through risk management planning, training and exercises.

Implementing proper emergency and evacuation procedures is important for the safety of your students, staff and school community. It’s also part of your compliance requirements.

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