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Here at Dynamiq, we are offering our industry leading Emergency Response Training online. This means schools can choose to manage their compliance without the need for group training and can continue to ensure that their ability to respond to emergency incidents is maintained.  

With 24/7 accessible online training, your organisation can always stay on track with their Emergency Management needs. 

Training you trust – Online Delivery

Your school’s safety is our priority. We understand the responsibility schools have towards their students, parents and the broader community, which is why we take pride in delivering the highest quality training to schools across Australia.   

With over 15 years of experience in Emergency Response Planning for schools, our online solution is equipped with the highest quality content on the market. 

Why Online Training is the right solution for you…

Scenario based video tutorials: We ensure your preparation efforts are effective through a series of engaging explainer videos. Our training is designed to be engaging whilst educating the user. 

Learn without being on premises: Group training difficult to schedule? With online training, anyone can learn and apply these procedures to their business. 

Self-paced learning modules: New people join your team or you need to people to update their knowledge? Online training allows individuals to complete their compliance requirements at a time that suits all parties. 

Certificates awarded: We grant users an official certificate at the successful completion of the training modules. 

AS3745 Certified: We ensure our training is always up to date and with accordance to AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities standards.

Supports social distancing: With current times and regulations, running a business has been difficult. However that doesn’t mean all processes and procedures must cease. With online training you can ensure that your business continues to stay resilient. 

Online warden training
Online Training questions

Test your knowledge

Our videos are designed to be highly engaging whilst providing a great learning experience for users. But how can you be sure your people have absorbed the important information needed to support an effective emergency response? 

Each training module comes with it’s own unique set of questions designed to ensure the user has fully grasped the content of the training. With feedback scores at the end of each module, you can always keep track of your teams progress and application of Emergency Response procedures. 

Track progress seamlessly

We make managing your teams easy, even for the most complex of organisations. We take the inconvenience out of manually tracking your people’s progress by automatically providing you with weekly status reports to track progress amongst your team. That way you can always keep an eye on who has and who hasn’t completed the training. 

Online Training questions

Here’s what you get…

  1. Unlimited 24/7 access to our complete range of Warden Training modules that meet AS3745 standards. Staff Awareness training is also available for more complex facilities. 
  2. Highly engaging explainer videos – We pride ourselves in delivering a great learning experience, which is why our modules are designed to keep the viewer engaged whilst imparting important safety information.
  3. Questionnaires for each training module – listening and watching isn’t enough. Questionnaires are designed to ensure each individual can apply the information learnt in the real world. 
  4. Access to Emergency Management support staff – if you have any questions or issues, we are right at your fingertips. 
  5. Certificate upon completion. 

Interested or want to learn more?

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What training is included?

The training is delivered in line with Australian Standard 3745:2010 – Planning for Emergencies in Facilities, which includes Warden Training. A Staff Awareness version is also available for more complex facilities.

How much does it cost?

We tailor our packages to suit client needs. Contact us today so we can understand and tailor a package to your needs. 

How many modules are there?

Our tracking packages range between 10 to 14 modules based on your organisation structure. 

How long does it take to complete the training?

Each of our modules take approximately 10 minutes to complete on average. Ranging from 5 minutes to 15 minutes depending on the topic.

Does the training get updated?

Our training is regularly reviewed and updated in accordance to AS3745 standards. We ensure you’re always updated with the latest information.

Is the training suitable for AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities?

Yes, our training is designed to meet AS3745 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities requirements.

How do I access the training?

Once your organisation is enrolled, we provide all user guides, and step-by-step instructions allowing you to self-manage your learning requirements.

How long do we get to complete the training?

Users go through the modules at their own pace. We provide your nominated administrator weekly status reports showing progress of their team members.

Can we add additional staff to the training?

Of course, please Contact Us by phone or email at to add additional staff to the training.

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