Big bucks equal big risks

With more than 500 billionaires in the United States and 60 in Australia, protecting them while overseas has become big business.

Denver company, Valor Agency has partnered with global risk management company, Dynamiq to provide international standard medical care and a range of security services to High Net Worth individuals and families while they’re travelling abroad.

Valor Agency is a membership-based company offering world class travel experiences. The company has numerous partnership agreements with high-end private jet companies and membership associations.

The agency started out as an international adventure travel business for High Net Worth individuals and CEO and President, Keith Binkley, said it quickly became apparent the company needed to expand its operations to more fully support their high-flying clients.

“We were able to see first-hand the complexity High Net Worth individuals faced in securing adequate services, while they were abroad,” Binkley said.

“We’ve teamed up with Dynamiq, who is providing 24/7 medical and security services to our Valor members.

“Dynamiq helps more than 8000 organisations around the world become more resilient by preventing, preparing for and responding to emergency situations affecting their people, operations or reputation.

“We wanted to bring Dynamiq's global footprint to the High Net Worth market, study abroad and global business traveller markets,” he said.

High-net worth individuals typically have homes worth more than $1 million in value, with $1 million in investable assets. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals and families will have $30 million or more in investable assets.

The Premier version of the Valor membership costs the card-holder USD 20k and the indemnified program covers USD 2.5 million for medical expenses abroad. It also includes cover for legal, security and kidnap and ransom response.

“My family, friends and I could have benefited from being a Valor member many times over the past few years when medical and security incidents have occurred,” Binkley said.

Dynamiq Founder, Anthony Moorhouse, moved to Denver a couple of years ago to expand Dynamiq’s US operations. He is providing strategic advice to Valor Agency.  

“The threat landscape for globally mobile and High Net Worth individuals and families is changing rapidly and they’re seeking increased protection,” Moorhouse said.

“We’re seeing natural catastrophes more regularly affecting our clients’ itineraries, we are also seeing a rise in kidnap for ransom cases and a rise in the lone wolf style terror attacks in Western nations.

“There are also the particular lifestyle risks that are unique to each High Net Worth person and need to be identified and effectively managed,” he said.

About Valor Agency

Valor keeps its members safe in an uncertain and dangerous world by providing indemnified medical and security services. With their annual membership, Valor card holders have access to a wide range of medical, security and legal services which incur no out-of-pocket expenses.

About Dynamiq

Dynamiq empowers its clients to become resilient organisations by helping them prevent, prepare for and respond to emergency situations affecting their people, operations or reputation. We provide a suite of advisory services to mitigate the potential of costly incidents. If an incident does occur, our 24/7 assistance and response services provide timely support, advice and action. We operate throughout Australia, the Americas, Africa, Middle East, Oceania, South East Asia and South America.

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