In the modern era it is not enough for a company have regular conference calls during a crisis. An executive team needs instant access to a virtual control room with correct, time stamped information wherever they are in the world. Streamlined collaboration, coordination and communication are an integral part of any effective crisis management response.

Executives can be held personally liable if they don’t have a process in place to receive timely information about an incident, or if they don’t respond appropriately to that information.

While there are many crisis management software products available, very few were actually designed by crisis management experts, and even fewer have access to 24/7 assistance to support an organisation’s in-house team during an emergency.

Dynamiq’s EMQnet was originally developed more than ten years ago. Being flexible and scalable, it is an appropriate crisis management solution for organisations of any size.

As soon as an incident is activated on the system, Dynamiq’s Emergency Operations Centre is notified and a crisis manager will immediately reach out to the company’s risk manager to see if assistance is required.

When the incident is over, the software produces analytics and data reporting which is used to manage insurance and liability requirements. This information is vital for the incident debrief to help prevent a similar incident occurring in the future.

EMQnet has proven to be instrumental in tying together risk management programs for companies such as Woodside, Shell and Newmont. Former Vice President for Health, Safety and Security at Newmont, Michael Byrne, said EMQnet saves precious minutes in an emergency: “When an event is started we get that information in a heartbeat. It helps us get people together very quickly. When they do get together, they are aware of what they are talking about and what they need to do,” Mr Byrne said.

In recent years, EMQnet has become one of the main growth areas for Dynamiq, as companies strive to ensure that they have effective response mechanisms in an emergency.

To find out more about EMQnet contact Dynamiq Strategy’s Managing Director Gary Rigby gary.rigby@dynamiqglobal.com

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