Dynamiq Assist received a call from a hospital representative in Malaysia who said a 20-year-old medical student from Australia had been admitted to the hospital with serious injuries. 

Andrew* was on a university trip to a small town located on the border of Malaysia and Borneo. He was riding a motorcycle when he swerved to miss a dog and hit a lamp post. 

The Dynamiq Assist team requested an urgent update from the treating doctor who said she suspected Andrew had suffered a subdural haematoma and pulmonary contusion.

The Dynamiq Assist doctors decided Andrew would need to be evacuated to an international standard hospital as soon as he was well enough to be moved as the local hospital was not properly equipped to treat his serious condition. 

Andrew’s parents travelled to Malaysia to be by his side. The treating hospital and Dynamiq Assist doctors were in contact numerous times each day and updates on Andrew’s condition were provided twice-daily by the Dynamiq Assist case manager to his parents.

About a week later, Andrew was deemed well enough to fly so the Dynamiq Assist case manager arranged an air ambulance to take Andrew home to Perth to continue his rehabilitation. His parents made the journey with him in the air ambulance.

Andrew has since fully recovered after a number of operations and a lengthy rehabilitation process. 


*Name has been changed to protect our client’s privacy.

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