It has been reported that NSW Police officers will soon be able to carry their firearms in court. If this goes ahead, the decision will increase the safety of the general public as well as the police officers themselves.

In January of this year, the national terrorism threat level for police moved from medium to high. Across the world, there have been a number of recent attacks on police as well as averted/disrupted attacks. These include the 2015 Anzac Day terror plot arrests in Melbourne, where police were reportedly the prime target.

Whilst acknowledging that the presence of a firearm in court may present a security risk, it is important to note that police officers are highly trained individuals. The presence of a police officer carrying a firearm in court is no less safe than a police officer carrying a firearm in public. As per standard practice, police officers will undoubtedly ensure that their firearms are secured and only utilised when appropriate and in line with public safety.

The position of the NSW Police Association in favour of having police officers wear their guns in court reflects the current environment in which they operate. The NSW Police Association is taking appropriate steps to maximise safety for police officers, which in turn will maximise the safety and security of the community.


Joe Iannazzo appeared on Ten News Sydney last night to discuss the issue of guns in Sydney courts. You can view it here

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