An electrician named Matthew* was working on a vessel located near the Canary Islands, off the west coast of Africa. He arrived at the ship’s infirmary in a delirious state. The medic on board quickly assessed the man’s condition and escalated the case to his employer who then contacted their topside support, Dynamiq Assistance.

After receiving the medical update, the Dynamiq Emergency Operations Centre doctor spoke with the captain and the employer to advise the patient would need to be moved off the vessel as soon as possible. Confirmation of coverage by the insurer, Accident and Health International (AHI), was obtained for Matthew’s treatment.

The captain said they were three days from land and the closest port was Dakar, Senegal however due to the size of the vessel and government restrictions, docking was impossible.

The Emergency Operations Centre staff tried numerous helicopter operators but due to the Ebola outbreak none were available. Arrangements were made with the Senegal Navy who sent a speed boat to meet the vessel and bring Matthew back to land.

He was taken by ambulance to a hospital in Dakar, Senegal where scans on his brain were performed. They found a blood clot in the brain and surgery was quickly performed to remove the pressure caused by the clot. When Matthew was well enough to be moved, Dynamiq Assistance arranged for an Air Ambulance from Senegal to an international standard hospital in Johannesburg so he could receive further medical investigations and life saving treatment. His daughters were flown from Perth to be by his side.

The treating doctors concluded that Matthew had suffered a stroke after a fall in the shower in the weeks prior to him boarding the vessel.

Matthew’s condition waivered over the next three weeks however he never fully regained consciousness. Matthew’s family, the treating doctors, and Dynamiq Assistance doctors all agreed that Matthew should be transported back to Australia to receive palliative care.

Dynamiq Assistance arranged the long journey home for Matthew. With the need for air ambulances to stop and refuel every few hours, moving Matthew from Johannesburg to Perth consisted of numerous stops across the globe.

The air ambulance moved Matthew from Johannesburg to Dar es Salaam to Seychelles and then to the Maldives, where there was a wing to wing transfer. The second air ambulance then flew Matthew to Colombo, Singapore, Lombok and then home to Perth where he was admitted to a Perth hospital.

Accident and Health International covered the cost for the journey, which was more than $250,000 AUD, and Matthew was able to receive care close to his friends and family.


Testimonial from Matthew's family: “Thanks to you and the team for looking after our dad and getting him back to Australia. We really appreciate it. It is a relief to have him in Perth with his family and friends and close to excellent care.”


*Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy.

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