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“Organisational resilience is definitely not corporate jargon but the term certainly gets overused in the risk management industry,” said Head of Resilience at Dynamiq, Jason Gotch.

“With increasing economic and geopolitical uncertainty, there is no doubt an organisation has to be resilient. However there is so much conflicting information out there, it’s hard to know what a good strategy looks like.

"Yet, while there’s fierce debate around resilience, it’s a given that risk practitioners should figure prominently.

The Risk Management Institution of Australasia (RMIA) took a proactive stance this year and created the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Organisational Resilience. It aims to build knowledge around this relatively new field as many of its members are already involved in resilience directly or indirectly through their management of risk.

Gotch is the current chair of the Special Interest Group and one of the 15 global resilience experts who contributed to a RMIA Whitepaper on Organisational Resilience. He will launch the paper on behalf of the RMIA on Wednesday.

“We’ve taken a principles-based approach to provide real-life insight and tangible plans for practitioners and top level managers," he said.

“The group felt the paper would be of more value to readers if they were able to learn about implementing resilience strategies, as opposed to simply being informed about them.

The role of the risk manager in achieving organisational resilience, benefits of a resilient organisation and some of the common misunderstandings around resilience are covered in the whitepaper. Success factors in achieving a resilient organisation and best practice examples to underpin the key insights are also provided.

“The paper is aimed at a wide audience. However, it contains enough detail for those wishing to use it as a dedicated reference point. It’s not designed to be a manual on resilience, however a lot of work has gone into providing a type of a roadmap as it’s written by practitioners, for practitioners, with as focus on implementation, as opposed to an academic approach," he said. 

Gotch will launch the whitepaper tomorrow at the 2016 RMIA conference in Melbourne.

Download a copy of the whitepaper.

Resilience webinar

On November 24, three of the whitepaper authors will take a deep dive into two of the chapters. This informal webinar to look at the top three most common misunderstandings around organisational resilience and the three key success factors which indicate you’re on the right path to resilience. Read more.


Who’s Jason?

Jason Gotch is the Managing Principal (NSW) for Dynamiq. He leads the NSW consulting team which provides expertise to our clients in the areas of Business Resilience; crisis management, security risk management, cyber resilience, business continuity and emergency management including training, exercising, planning and live operational support. He is the current chair of the RMIA’s Special Interest Group on Organisational Resilience and a member of the NSW RMIA Committee.

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