05 February 2014

If speed dating were a competition, then Indaba would be the Olympics and this years' attendees would all be elite endurance athletes. With some visibly sore and sorry attendees sporting epic hangovers from the first night's round of cocktail parties, everyone was still moved about with military precision throughout the event centre by the organisers and matchmakers at Indaba. Whether it be the small mid caps in search of that elusive investment dollar, the larger players after the institutional funding and all of them after government engagement or approvals, or suppliers like us looking to secure that elusive contract, all of us are here to do business and all are looking to perform on the big stage.

Like the Olympics, everyone attending are flying their flags either overtly (ie the Canadians) or covertly like the Aussies until we open our mouths and begin a sentence with "G'day Mate" in our best impression of Mick Dundee.

The Business Matchmaking Tables at Mining Indaba
The Business Matchmaking Tables

The "real" big stage was reserved for the big players today with the highlight being Rio Tinto's Diamonds and Minerals Chief, Alan Davies presentation on how collaborative partnerships can deliver economic development.

The most innovative stand went to the Aggreko team who had an ice sculpture of a bar in their stand. The marketing was about keeping cool but I couldn't help but think that it was an homage to Sochi. Either way, I didn't stick around to see whether they combined it with some butterscotch schnapps later in the evening for some ice luge.

Ingrekko Stand at Mining Indaba
The Aggreko Stand

Late in the afternoon, with my back-to-back meetings out of the way, much of the talk turned to the upcoming cricket series against South Africa. The Total Mining Solutions team came through with the goods providing an invite to the cocktail party on night 3.

Total Mining Solutions Crew at Mining Indaba
Meeting the Total Mining Solutions Team

After a few quiet beers in the Australia lounge with the rest of the Aussie contingent, BDO topped the day off with a bit of Indaba So You Think You Can Dance, wrapping what was a fantastic 2nd day at Indaba. 

BDO's Indaba So You Think You Can Dance?
BDO's 'Indaba So You Think You Can Dance'

Grant Chisnall, Director, Dynamiq

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