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Recent research by ACTE and American Express, Meet the Modern Business Traveller, revealed 65 per cent of travel managers have seen an increase in enquiries from employees about their personal safety.

“If your people are enquiring about their personal safety prior to a business trip, chances are your travel risk assessment and prevention measures aren’t up to scratch. But by law they need to be,” Dynamiq CEO Dan Pritchard said.

Australia is up there with Canada, the UK and Germany in terms of having some form of employer duty of care legislation in place.

“Saying employers must, as far as possible, protect the health, safety and security of an employee wherever they work, has always been a bit of a murky area for businesses because there was no standard with which to align themselves. 

“However, a new code of practice developed by the British Standards Institute - PAS 3001:2016 –provides a great reference point to see if your travel risk management program meets best practice.

“It’s a good opportunity to conduct a review of your travel risk management program to ensure it is adequate for the risks your travellers and expats face while overseas.

“I’ve spoken to a number of insurers and they look at this favourably as the more preparation and awareness you provide to your people, the more your incident rate goes down,” Dan told Insurance News recently.

He said some Australian organisations would not be compliant with the guidelines in terms of their incident management response measures.

“The standard states that incident management measures should be based on risk assessment and the organisation should have a proportionate approach to addressing response measures.

“Many organisations’ travel risk assessments would not cover every trip, nor would they go into detail about the traveller’s itinerary," Dan said.  

With employee mobility set to increase 50% by 2020 it’s important that organisations are planning now for the inevitable changes that will be required to support their duty of care to their people.

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Daniel Pritchard will provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of the C-suite in terms of their organisation’s travel risk management program, as outlined in PAS 3001 in a half hour webinar. Register.

Who’s Dan?
Daniel Pritchard is Dynamiq’s Chief Executive Officer. He has more than twenty years of international experience, and has managed global strategic and operational projects across a variety of market sectors including industrial chemicals and equipment, energy, government, technology and defence. 

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