An Australian couple, Susan and John*, were visiting their son in Florida. A couple of days into the trip Susan started experiencing heart palpitations. John called the emergency number on his Accident and Health International (AHI) insurance travel card and reached AHI’s medical assistance company, Dynamiq Assist.

Dynamiq Assist advised him to call 911 for his wife while their insurance coverage was being confirmed. By the time the ambulance was on its way, the case manager had obtained confirmation of cover from AHI and phoned John back to advise him

AHI quickly confirmed Susan’s medical and related expenses would be covered and Dynamiq Assist, AHI’s medical assistance provider, contacted the admitting hospital to arrange a guarantee of payment for medical costs. This was a huge relief for the couple as the medical bill was more than $25,000 USD for Susan’s first day in hospital.

Susan was informed that she needed to have a quadruple bypass surgery and weeks of rehabilitation before she could fly home to Australia. The estimated cost of the surgery was between $350,000 USD and $500,000 USD.

The Dynamiq Assist medical team in Australia regularly discussed Susan’s case with the treating doctors in the United States and after the successful surgery they oversaw her rigorous rehabilitation schedule.

When Susan had recovered and was declared fit to fly by doctors, business class flights and transfers were arranged by Dynamiq Assist for her return to Australia.


An email that Dynamiq Assist recieved from John: “Hi Steven, thank you so much for your help. You all have been marvellous. It's times like this you need very caring and compassionate people looking after everything.
It was an extremely stressful time and if it wasn't for Dynamiq Assist, I don't know how we would have coped."


*Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy.

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