22 April 2014

Above L-R: Anthony Moorhouse, Sam Rigby, George Rigby, Libbi Rigby, Jean Innes, David Counsell


On Sunday, 13 April 2014, eight of Dynamiq's staff, friends and family gathered for the Run for the Kids, an annual event that gives entrants the opportunity to run on CityLink's toll roads.  We gathered near the start at about 0830hrs and donned our Dynamiq training shirts whilst catching up on the weekend’s events and discussing our varying standards of race preparation.  The team was led by our CEO, Anthony Moorhouse, showing the determination of an astute businessman and ex-Special Forces commander, by participating despite a preparation severely hindered by injuries and mild-illness.  In fact Anthony was a late ring-in after Dynamiq Strategy's Managing Director, Grant Chisnell, withdrew late (so Anthony was running under the pseudonym "Grant" for the day!).  Our true family pairing was Sam and Libbi Rigby (Sam being the Manager of Dynamiq's ECO department) and their son George, treated to a lazy pram ride around some of Melbourne's most iconic locations.  Other members of the team included our Emergency Management Consultant Jake Bava and his partner Mariana; Jean Innes, the wife of our GM Technology, Robert (who, despite ruthless encouragement opted not to participate), and myself.  Additionally, we were lucky enough to be supported by our Marketing expert Cathy Cole, who showed up camera-in-hand, ensuring the race remained more than just a memory.  After the recent Dynamiq merger with EMQ, we were lucky enough to have a combination of Dynamiq originals (Anthony, Cathy, myself), EMQ originals (Sam, Jake), family members (Libbi, Jean, Mariana) and of course kids (George).

3 - Unnamed

Above L-R: Jake, Mariana, Jean, Sarah, Hugo the toy poodle, David


Our intended group start was thwarted by pre-seeding and toilet stops, but the Dynamiq team and the 35,000 other participants got away in the 15km event sometime after 09:20am.  After a frenetic start Alexandria Ave near the Myer Music Bowl, we went down Batman Ave and into the Domain Tunnel.  Reports from previous years suggested the tunnel would be quite uncomfortable to run through with thousands of others, but we didn't find it much worse than the warm weather in the open air.  After emerging from the tunnel we ran along CityLink to the famous Bolte Bridge.  Unlike Sydney, Melbourne lacks large pedestrian accessible bridges and despite being exhausting, it was amazing approaching the Bolte's signature silver towers, particularly knowing that a decent downhill section would follow!  After exiting at Footscray Rd, we took a winding route through Docklands, a short killer hill up Collins St, before crossing the Yarra and following Southbank to the finish at the King George V memorial in Domain Parklands.

Unfortunately the sheer numbers of participants (at its peak there was about five people crossing the finish line each second), meant that we were unable to meet up at the end to discuss our strategy and re-live the amazing views.  Regardless, the great weather and excellent race organisation ensured that our first corporate run for the year was both enjoyable and a highly rewarding way to build team morale after the recent Dynamiq merger with EMQ.  

Results, 15km:

David Counsell 01:12:44

Mariana Gonzalez 01:15:54

Anthony Moorhouse (Alias: Grant Chisnall) 01:19:00

Jean Innes 01:29:17

Jake Bava 01:52:13

Results, 5km:

Sam Rigby 01:04:31

Libbi Rigby 01:04:33


- David Counsell, Senior Consultant, Dynamiq Strategy

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