An overcast and drizzly morning set the scene for the Eureka Climb on Sunday November 16, but it didn’t dampen the Dynamiq Climbers resolve to bolt up the 1,642 stairs in under 20 minutes.

The team consisting of Tamara Martin, Chris Whitfield, Emily Katz, and Sara James were fighting fit in matching Dynamiq gear as they checked in, passing an array of interesting characters including a man dressed in a full suit, dress shoes and bowtie and a woman who was attempting to check in for the City 2 Sea race.

The challenging ascent was narrow, crowded and oddly quiet - briefly peppered with words of encouragement from those who had the breath to utter them. Short moments of glory enjoyed by passing an uber-fit man were crushed, realising his dropped pace was due to wearing a 20kg weights vest. The stairs were increasingly marked with sweat droplets the higher they climbed, soon becoming an indicator of how close they were to the finish line.

Reaching the top in great spirits, all four placing well under their projected target times, the Dynamiq Climbers were greeted by a typically Melbournian fog hampering the glorious view from on the 88th floor of the Eureka Skydeck. But it didn’t matter... Contributing to raising funds and awareness was the main aim of the game. And with 2,417 people registering for the event and donations totalling over $200,000, our corporate partners Interplast and White Lion are able to sustain their life-changing medical assistance programs in Asia Pacific for many more years to come.

To find out more about Interplast visit here.

To find out more about Dynamiq’s corporate partnership with Interplast visit here and here

Tamara Martin: 16.07
Sara James: 16:32
Emily Katz: 18.07
Chris Whitfield: 18.08


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