As soon as the earthquake hit Nepal on April 25, Dynamiq’s Incident Management Team was activated. The Emergency Operations Centre staff quickly worked to find out if any clients were impacted and also worked with Accident and Health International to find out if their covered travellers or expatriates needed assistance.

Communication lines were down and airports were clogged at the time, making it difficult to reach those affected and organise their movement out of the country.


Case study

An Avant medical student, Matthew Georgiades and his sister, Rebecca were hiking towards the Mount Everest Base Camp when the earthquake hit. Both were ill but uninjured, and quickly decided to turn back.

Their mother, Silvia Georgiades, called Dynamiq Assist and was extremely worried for their safety. Mrs Georgiades wanted her children to leave the country as soon as possible in case there were any aftershocks.

Dynamiq Assist case managers from Australia and New Zealand and the insurer, Accident and Health International, worked around the clock over the next few days to get the pair back to safety. They were transported into Kathmandu the following day, flown to Europe within 72 hours of the earthquake and were able to continue their trip.


Email to Steve Laliotis, Dynamiq Senior Case Manager

Dear Steve,

As cliché as this may sound, I am really not sure how to begin to write this email in response to all that Dynamiq Assist, AHI and Avant have done for Matthew and Rebecca.

Charlie and I found ourselves in a situation which is every parent’s nightmare, both our children unsafe, in harm’s way and so far away from home and from us.

Throughout every passing moment, during times when things were scary, uncertain and very fragile, you and Toby especially, as well as Lara, Marijana and Matthew helped us, unconditionally with the utmost professionalism, calm focus and clear communication.

You gave us answers, you made plans, you told us what to do next and you always spoke pro-actively, making Charlie and I feel like Matthew and Rebecca were meaningful and they deserved your attention, even though we knew that they were not the only ones you were helping.

As this is coming to a happy end, I have come to realise that one of the best ways you helped us was each time I called, no matter if it was day or night, you immediately knew who Matthew and Rebecca were. I didn't need to provide a number, passport reference or an insurance reference, you just knew us.

Steve, you haven't met us personally or put a face to our voices, but I want you to know how much we love our children, how much we celebrate the gift that they are to us and we thank God every day that they came into our lives.

Charlie and I are grateful, and I don't think we can ever fully repay you for what you have done for us. We want you to know that you will all remain in our thoughts and in our hearts forever.

They arrive in Manchester in just 50 minutes. What a joy!

You did it Steve. You secured the flights and got them to safety. Thank you and God bless you and your colleagues.


With sincere thanks,


Silvia and Charlie Georgiades

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