Be aware and adequately prepare for travel to Gallipoli on Anzac Day

  • Reconsider travel to Gallipoli 
  • High risk to travellers while transiting to Gallipoli peninsula
  • Be aware of terror risk in places of mass gathering
  • Register with consulate in Turkey


13 April, 2017 - In the lead up to Anzac Day, official warnings from the Australian Government have highlighted potential security risks facing visitors to Turkey. The Australian Government last week issued travel advice recommending travellers “reconsider their need to travel” based upon warnings that terrorists may attempt to conduct an attack on the ceremony.

Turkey is currently experiencing significant political change. The country has also recently experienced several terrorist attacks, some targeting foreign travellers. Two recent attacks were an attack on Ataturk airport in June of 2016 and a suicide bombing targeting tourists in Istanbul in January.

Mitigating this threat is the responsibility of the Turkish security forces, who have to date provided effective security for Anzac Day ceremonies. The Turkish government has imposed travel restrictions on those intending to travel to the Gallipoli peninsula and imposed restrictions on those who can access the ceremony on Anzac Day.

While a terrorist attack on the ceremony is a credible threat and cannot be discounted, Turkish security forces at and around the ceremony are very capable.

Therefore, Dynamiq concludes the most vulnerable portion of any visit to the Anzac Ceremony will be while transiting to the Gallipoli peninsula and visits to areas not related to Anzac Day. This risk is best mitigated by travelling with reputable providers, staying in secure accommodation and avoiding places of mass gathering such as tourist sites, iconic bars and restaurants. These areas offer an attractive target for terrorists.

Despite this, the most likely threats to individual travellers are common to all travel. These include the risk of being the victim of crime, accidents, and illness. Mitigating these risks will require thorough journey planning, including registering with consulates in Turkey, and ensuring that you minimise your vulnerability to crime by traveling in groups, avoiding crowds and mass gatherings and familiarising yourself with safe areas in the locations you are visiting.

Should an attack occur, your first priority should be your own safety. If you become aware of an attack, stay in place and assess the situation. If you are safe, for example in a hotel, remain in place, contact your national embassy or consulate and then your assistance provider and follow the advice provided. If you are in the immediate vicinity of an attack, depart the area at the first safe opportunity, call your assistance provider and follow the advice of security services.

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