This year, Dynamiq has come on board as a major sponsor for the Business Continuity Institute (BCI).

Organisations need to ‘horizon scan’ for new risks and threats. In addition to crisis and emergency management plans, they need systems in place to ensure smooth operation after a crisis occurs.

Dynamiq has developed and reviewed Business Continuity plans for major organisations in mining, education and infrastructure. As a part of our sponsorship of BCI, we are launching the BC Health Check as a complimentary offering to any organisation involved in the BCI Summit.

What is a BC Health Check?

The BC Health Check is a review of your organisation’s Business Continuity Management System. We provide feedback on your organisation’s business continuity maturity level, identify areas for improvement and provide a road map for development.

It is conducted by a Dynamiq consultant through face-to-face meetings with key personnel. Each meeting involves 21 questions across 8 areas of the Business Continuity Management System. Topics include:

1. The Organisation and its Context
2. Scope of the BCMS
3. Business Continuity Management (BCM) Policy
4. Business Impact Analysis (BIA)
5. Business Continuity Response and Recovery Plans
6. Incident communications and warnings
7. Training, Exercising and Tests
8. Monitoring, Measurement and Evaluation

Following the meetings, recommendations are then presented in a report to the client.

The results from the survey are mapped by sector, providing a visual guide to areas of strength and areas for improvement:



An overall maturity rating is provided, in addition to each sector being rated individually. Recommendations for improvement are made within each sector and support the overall improvement roadmap:



What is a Business Continuity Management System?

A Business Continuity Management System is a set of interrelated elements that organisations use to implement, monitor, review and improve their business continuity capabilities. These elements include people, policies, plans, procedures, structures, and resources.

The Business Continuity Management System:

1. Identifies and evaluates potential risks and sources of disruption
2. Builds organisational resilience to all hazards
3. Provides short-term ROI via strategic planning
4. Minimises impacts of incidents on customers
5. Improves recovery from business interruptions
6. Maintains duty-of-care to customers and clients

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