A volunteer named Sophie* phoned Dynamiq Assist from Kathmandu, Nepal. She had badly hurt her wrist in a fall and was admitted to a local hospital there.

The Dynamiq Assist doctor on duty immediately phoned the hospital requesting the X-rays and an update on Sophie’s condition. The treating doctor said he had planned to operate on Sophie’s wrist within the next five days.

After reviewing the X-rays, the Dynamiq Assist medical team decided that due to the complicated fracture in Sophie’s wrist, she should travel to an international standard hospital to receive surgery. This would ensure that Sophie had the best chance of regaining full movement in her wrist.

A commercial flight was quickly arranged and a car was waiting for Sophie when she arrived at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. From there, she was taken to a private hospital and her surgery was undertaken later that day.

Physiotherapy appointments were arranged for Sophie and she regained 100 per cent movement in her wrist. Sophie was flown home to Australia as soon as she was able.

"I didn’t worry once and nothing in my treatment was left to chance. I knew I had the best medical advice and assistance available. Since the operation, I have regained full movement of my wrist and have even been back to Nepal to volunteer again!”

*Names have been changed to protect our client’s privacy.

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