Dynamiq Client Experience Leader Grant Chisnall

Results from Dynamiq’s resilience assessment platform, MyBeacon, found 75% of education sector respondents fear adverse publicity resulting from poor stakeholder management.

Other key concerns include personal injury to employees or visitors and loss or disruption caused by a major event such as severe weather or fire.

Schools also face increasing risks from cyber terrorism, extremism, community issues and also the immediacy in which news hits the media, with incidents heralding immediate attention from the community and news outlets.

Despite the increasing risks, Dynamiq found 67% of those surveyed have never properly activated their emergency plans or tested how they would work.

Common gaps found in school’s emergency response include:

- Preparedness, incorporating plans and critical incident training
- Response, in particular travel risk, equipment preparedness and stakeholder communications and response
- Recovery and business continuity.

In a recent Dynamiq webinar, Critical Incident Management in the Australian Education Sector, Dynamiq Client Experience Leader, Grant Chisnall said in order for schools to help mitigate their risks they must have a robust critical incident and crisis management communication plan in place and furthermore, it must be tested.

“I’m not implying that a broadcast message necessarily be sent out to all and sundry – although some organisations do this. Rather, I’m suggesting schools should conduct a limited scope testing of dual communication systems,” Grant said.

“Two role players in an emergency evacuation exercise is a really great idea for testing the speed of messaging, the channel that you are using as well as testing the response received from the school community.

“In today’s environment, it’s not good enough to be simply compliant. Schools need to be proactive to ensure both their staff are well-trained to face threats and their plans stand up to a “worst case” scenario.

“The only way a school can ensure that this will happen is if they practice with their people in a realistic and challenging environment,” Grant said.

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