The survival rate of Australian businesses has dropped a shocking 25% from 2012 to 2015, according to the ABS.

International competition and disruptive technologies are just two of the threats faced by Australian companies.

Leadership teams can learn a lot from TV legend, MacGyver, with his knack for unconventional problem solving and ability to turn the situation around.

Organisational Resilience is the silver bullet for Aussie companies when it comes to surviving and thriving in 2017 and beyond.

The Risk Management Institution of Australasia will release a highly anticipated whitepaper on organisational resilience at their conference on 16 November.

The following week, three of the paper authors will take a deep dive into two of the chapters.

Dynamiq will host an informal webinar to look at the top three most common misunderstandings around organisational resilience and the three key success factors which indicate you’re on the right path to resilience.

At the end of the hour you will have a better understanding on the current thinking around organisational resilience and how you can better implement it at your organisation.

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• Chris Mitchell, Head of Resilience and Security – TAL
Chris Mitchell oversees TAL’s security and resilience program. He has more than 20 years’ experience in resilience and security obtained in both law enforcement and corporate security roles. Previously Chris was Regional Resilience and Security Manager, Centre of Excellence, for a large multinational company and he was responsible for creating a strong central resilience function to support country resilience managers in end markets. Chris is a member of the RMIA Organisational Resilience Special Interest Group and a certified Fraud Examiner.

• Pete Gervasoni, Senior Risk Partner - Transport Accident Commission
As a Senior Risk Partner at the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), Pete provides internal risk management consultancy to the Executive and Senior managers together with developing the TAC Organisational Resilience Framework. Prior to entering the risk management industry, Pete held management positions in multiple levels of Government across diverse sectors. He is a member of the RMIA Organisational Resilience Special Interest Group and was recently appointed to the Standards Australian/ISO working group (MB025/TC292) on Security and Resilience.

• Jason Gotch, Head of Resilience – Dynamiq
Working within the group sales division, Jason is responsible for business development across the company, particularly the areas of business resilience and travel risk management. He is the current chair of the RMIA’s Special Interest Group on Organisational Resilience and a member of the NSW RMIA Committee.

What: Dynamiq organisational resilience webinar

When: November 24 at 9:30 AEDT

Register for the webinar.

Download the whitepaper.

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