In light of the siege underway in Martin Place, Sydney, Dynamiq recommends the following considerations to ensure the safety of your business’ people and reputation:

What to do now.

1.      Account for all of your staff

2.      Follow directions of the police.

3.      Do not travel through or near Martin Place.

4.      Avoid other public places of mass gathering.  Sydney Opera House has been evacuated as a precaution.

5.      Secure your premises, brief your staff on the incident and ensure you are monitoring any updates from the police and emergency services.


What to Consider:

1.      Be prepared for disruptions to your operations (review your operations and continuity plans)

2.      Be prepared for travel disruptions for the afternoon commute.

3.      Make provisions for your staff for remaining in location. Ensure they have alternate arrangements for travel home.

4.      Consider releasing staff early if required to ensure they make pickup deadlines for family.

5.      Establish an effective means of communicating with staff regarding safety and return to work provisions. 


- See more at: http://www.dynamiq.com.au/news-and-insights/martin-place-siege-safety-considerations#sthash.jyvKKQxF.dpuf

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