Protect Your Lone, Remote Or Travelling Workforce With A Single Platform

Dynamiq’s tool-set is specifically designed to safeguard your people who operate outside a traditional office environment. Our best-practice, cutting edge technology works with all devices and provides teams with real-time monitoring and communications to ensure that no matter where your people are, and no matter which devices they use, they have access to help and support.

If your people work outside the office: whether travelling overseas, in isolated areas, on the road, working in high-risk environments or working remotely – the ability to track, locate, communicate and monitor your team with the full back-up of a professional 24/7 Accredited Monitoring emergency operations centre ensures that you have the experts on your side ensuring the safety of your team.

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Protect Your Teams?

If you have workers on the road, in high risk environments, or travelling overseas – you may already know that you have a duty of care to provide adequate systems to protect them. But are you sure you’re providing this protection to all relevant staff? Try our guide to identifying your people risk.

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A Provider

Making sure you engage the most effective solution for your team and organisational needs is a critical decision to ensure peace of mind. As risk experts, Dynamiq understands what questions you need to ask and how to compare exactly what each solution offers.

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Tailoring The Solution To Protect Your People

Dynamiq’s StaySafe solution has been designed by risk management experts who have created a flexible and responsive set of tools to ensure the safety of all your people, no matter where they are and with whom they are working. We provide risk assessment and advice on best practice systems and processes and how to implement them effectively

Based on a single cloud-platform, StayStafe provides you a consolidated management view of your people and processes. You control the system and can add users, devices (GPS devices and IVMS) and organisational rules to ensure that your people are safe and accounted for at all times.

Keep Your People Safe With One Tool – Dynamiq’s StaySafe.

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