Dynamiq assesses the security environment of a remote mine site in Nigeria.


An Australian-based mineral exploration company headquartered in Perth moved into a new joint venture office based in Abuja, Nigeria.

The main mine site was in the Bauchi state, in North Eastern Nigeria, where Boko Haram were active and have successfully launched attacks on organisations operating in the area.

Eight hours by road from the headquarters in Abuja, road travel is the main form of transport between the two locations. There is also an airport close to the mine site that provides a point of extraction for medical emergencies.

The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade rates Nigeria as “Reconsider your need to travel” with an elevated threat level of “Do not travel” for the Bauchi region.

Given this DFAT assessment and the volatility of the area, the company engaged Dynamiq to assess the project’s specific security environment and review their security arrangements.


Beginning in Abuja, the joint venture headquarters and the transit hotel were assessed for security risk.

The eight-hour transport route between Abuja and the mine site in Bauchi was reconnoitred capturing key data, identifying possible safe havens, and noting locations of security forces and road checkpoints.

Assessment of the mine site included a review of existing security measures, an assessment of the contracted guard force, evaluation of the Nigerian Mobile Police force’s capability, training and skills, interviews with key personnel to determine specific risks, daily operational routines, and the effectiveness of local communications systems.

The consultant reviewed the project’s medical emergency management capability. This included an evaluation of local health facilities and their capacity to provide trauma and life support.

Qualifications of medical staff, equipment and evacuation transport capability were all reviewed. The route between the site and the nearest hospital was examined and travel times noted.

The results of the security risk assessment formed the basis of the organisation’s Emergency Management Plan which addressed the key identified risks, enhanced security arrangements and emergency response preparations.

Why you should consider a risk assessment

A risk assessment allows you to demonstrate to your people, your leaders and the relevant authorities that risks have been considered and measures taken in order to safeguard health and safety.

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