Dynamiq worked with a global mining company to develop crisis management platform, EMQnet in 2002. EMQnet is today used by thousands of organisations around the world.


In 2002, Dynamiq client, a global mining company, acquired a new subsidiary. It quickly became apparent they had no organisation-wide system in place to manage crisis situations. They were, therefore, unable to respond effectively when issues occurred.

Dynamiq was engaged to design a solution and planning process that would allow them to quickly understand any issue, determine how it could be managed and then support people on the ground.

“They wanted a process, separate to the operational emergency response services, for people to be able to notify relevant stakeholders of any issues, and where they could securely collaborate to respond and help with support where needed,” said Dynamiq’s GM of Technology.

It was clear the organisation wanted more than just a new plan. Their intention was to utilise their crisis management system to protect ‘whole of business’, looking beyond the operational response to people, the environment and communities.

The system needed to provide an organisation-wide system that enabled an appropriate response to any circumstance, in any geographic location, in a predictable and measurable manner.


Dynamiq provided a crisis and emergency management solution for the company, including system development, implementation, management, on-site training, exercises, 24/7 support and post-incident investigation for the company’s worldwide operations.

The online crisis and emergency management system, EMQnet, delivers training, documentation, resources management and critically, a virtual control room for real-time incident management.

Since EMQnet was implemented, the organisation has responded to and managed more than 400 critical incidents and they’ve conducted nearly 1000 training exercises.

There are now several hundred members of trained responders within the organisation across their offices, operations, projects and exploration teams.

EMQnet acts as the hub for the crisis management system, operating as a virtual control room in a time of crisis, recording all communication and enabling real-time collaboration across the organisation.  EMQnet is also used to host and deliver system documentation, online training packages, the asset resource library and internal and external stakeholder contacts.

Once an event is started within EMQnet, other key members of the company are notified, allowing them to begin recording information about the situation and any actions taken. The user can also invite appropriate team members to assist them with managing the event.

An automatic notification system is used to alert key executives of every incident logged in the system. Team members can also access up-to-date plans and other critical response information, such as site facts and important contact details.

A technology solution on its own will never solve a crisis, rather it’s the people involved in the immediate response that makes the most difference.

Dynamiq conducts regular crisis management planning, training and exercises at the organisation’s operational sites as well as for their regional business teams and corporate crisis management team.

It’s well acknowledged within the business, that the value of the system comes from a swift and effective response to any crisis and the ability of the organisation to return to normal operations as quickly as possible.

Why you should consider EMQnet for your organisation:

Pre-event planning and fast, effective responses during an incident are a big part of being a responsible and resilient organisation.

EMQnet allows for real-time communication between site, region and corporate business units in the event of a crisis. This provides senior leadership with a clear picture of the impacts and enables a timely and effective response.

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