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If you are new to the conversation of crisis management technology, you might be wondering, “can’t we just manage our resilience program on Microsoft Teams?” 

Microsoft Teams is an internal communications platform with some file sharing and addon capability. In stark contrast, EMQnet is a purpose-built, online, secure, business resilience platform designed by business resilience experts, specifically in preparation for and managing crises, emergencies, issues, and security incidents.




When we look to Microsoft Teams as a crisis response platform, we must consider that the client organisation is required to build their own bespoke system from the ground up. To transform teams into a crisis management platform you need to implement appropriate addons and configure these accordingly – and even then, you only get half a solution. Consider the sunk labour costs, development and trial processes, training & ongoing use, and management of the application; as well as the fact that it is not a specialised system. The logical alternative is to opt for a cost effective, specialised and externally hosted platform like EMQnet. 

The benefits of an externally hosted system are often overlooked. To contextualise this point, consider the following case study. In 2017 a Dynamiq client who we will call ‘Company X,’ had notified Dynamiq of an organisation-wide IT outage that was affecting their IT infrastructure (inclusive of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, CRM, Active Directory and Exchange). As EMQnet is an application that sits outside of their IT infrastructure it was not affected. Key ‘Company X’ employees could log onto the platform, initiate an event where they communicated via messaging, and keep track of key tasks via event updates. EMQnet came to the rescue because externally hosted platforms ensure an added layer of security for business continuity.  

EMQnet’s capabilities at every stage of the crisis response process is vital for a well-supported response. It is an adage, but one that holds true – ‘You can’t manage what you don’t measure.’ When it comes to crisis management, organisations need the utmost visibility to understand what is working and what is not. If your teams are not completing their training programs or downloading their crisis plans, they are deprived of the preparation stage, which in turn prolongs the recovery stage. EMQnet gives you heightened visibility of various data types, recording in areas such as team compliance percentage, event severity level and event duration. With this, team leaders are better equipped to manage high tempo teams and demonstrate value as indicated by the data. 

The pre-crisis stage encompasses prevention and preparation. It has been deemed as the most effort intensive and the most important stage of a crisis. EMQnet provides you with immediate access to plans, processes, and documentation. It has been designed to host your individual and team-based training and event simulations, preparing your teams for all facets of the crisis response process. In a high stake, fast paced event it is vital that your organisation has 24/7 access to IT services for trouble shooting, system access and assistance. Through linking advisory with technology, you are optimising program support at every turn.  

What about when a crisis is unfolding? Emotions are running high; you cannot readily locate your plans and you are unable to immediately activate response teams. EMQnet facilitates a common operating picture, ensuring immediate and targeted event notifications throughout entire management structures. It allows you to accelerate and monitor task assignment and effectively manage stakeholder interactions and outcomes. You are also provided with access to supplementary information such as Fast Facts data that ‘places you on the ground’ in an event. EMQnet ensures due diligence, and that all stakeholders are informed, generating reports at the click of a button. 

Put simply, Microsoft Teams is not a ready-made crisis management platform, and consequently crisis teams become deprived of the necessary tools to perform at every stage of the crisis life cycle. Conversely, EMQnet is a force-multiplier, a bespoke solution designed by our Resilience Advisors with expert knowledge in crisis management. 

Do you want to trust your resilience program to perform under pressure?