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Emergency Response Plan up to scratch?

Whether it’s a university or a local shopping centre, in Australia, you need to adequately provide for the safety of your occupants and visitors in an emergency and evacuate them if required.

Australian Standard 3745:2010 Planning for Emergencies in Facilities covers the minimum standard for an organisation’s emergency plan. It requires organisations to have the appropriate procedures in place and capability to respond to a variety of incidents.

We help organisations across Australia to meet and exceed this Standard. We audit the risk at your premises and work with you to develop a best-practice emergency management plan and emergency response procedures.

Effective emergency response planning is not just about improving your internal capability and culture. It minimises financial and reputational loss after an incident because you adequately addressed your obligations up front.

Warden training case study

Dynamiq has now been asked to participate to in regular meetings supporting the Police School Safety programme in Victoria after an incident occurred at a Catholic Regional College that warranted evacuation of the campus.


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Chainsaw Lockdown case study

After reports of a man hitting cars and chopping branches off trees with a chainsaw, the school followed Dynamiq’s Emergency Management Services to put themselves in lockdown. No one was injured from this incident and all students, and staff were safe. 


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Are you following Australian standards in Emergency Response Planning?

AS3745:2010 Planning for emergencies in facilities outlines the minimum emergency management requirements for organisations in Australia. Dynamiq best practice recommendations exceed this standard. Download our free tool to benchmark your organisation!

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A holistic approach to building capability

We will help you create a best-practice emergency response plan which adequately addresses the specific risks faced by your organisation and enables your people to act quickly in an emergency.

Different industries have common risks and our consultants have significant experience in crisis management and emergency response across a wide range of industries. They will support you through the cycle of your emergency plan development, implementation and testing.

In developing your emergency response plan, we will conduct an independent examination of the risk at your office or facility. Once your risks are defined, we assist in developing a plan to respond.

We establish your Emergency Control Organisation, Emergency Planning Committee and help you to identify your Wardens and Communications Officers. We will also provide your facility with the legally required site maps and evacuation diagrams.

The best laid plan will only work if your people are on the same page. Our training modules specifically address AS 3745:2010 requirements as well as the relevant risks to your organisation.

We train your Emergency Planning Committee, your Wardens and Communications Officers and have additional training for staff to tackle fire emergencies to ensure they understand what’s required.

When your plan is signed off and your people are ready, we will facilitate exercises to test your response. Discussion exercises allow your people to explore issues in depth in a controlled environment. While functional exercises are scenario-based and conducted in an operational setting with your team performing their allocated roles.

Field exercises take your readiness to the next level. Highly realistic scenarios involve your staff and external providers, such as emergency services, in a simulated incident or emergency.
When an incident does occur, we will assist you to independently review your response and make improvements to your procedures for next time.

Contact us to discuss emergency planning for your organisation.

Some of the ways we improve your emergency response

Plans and Procedures

  • Emergency Management Plans
  • Emergency Response Procedures


Emergency Response Maps and Visual Aides


  • AS 3745:2010 Compliant Evacuation Diagrams
  • Site Maps


  • Emergency Planning Committee Training
  • Warden (Emergency Control Organisation) Training
  • Chief Warden Training
  • Communications Officer Training
  • First Attack Fire Fighting Training


  • Full-scale Emergency Response Exercises
  • Scenario Exercises

Ensure your teams are safe with advice from the experts

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