Effective emergency management can save your workplace

Whether you extract iron ore or educate young people, your organisation will have some type of emergency management procedures in place. But are they adequate for today’s increasingly risky operating environment?

Organisations around the world trust Dynamiq to improve their emergency management capability.
Our cost-effective mitigation strategies reduce the likelihood of an emergency occurring in your workplace. But if disaster does strike, your people will be armed with a plan to respond and recover in the quickest possible time. This reduces risk and ultimately improves your bottom line.
Our advisors have managed risk in the highest levels of government and corporate organisations. They will take an unbiased look at your emergency response capability and consider the potential consequences of emergencies or disasters.

By taking an ‘all hazards approach’ we increase efficiencies by aligning your emergency management procedures across your organisation.
We assist in all aspects of emergency mitigation and preparedness to response and recovery.


Global Crisis and Emergency Management System

Dynamiq has been working with a major mining conglomerate since 2002, providing a global crisis and emergency management system. Now they have a world-leading and award-winning crisis management program.

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Dynamiq’s systems work across language barriers

Dynamiq was engaged by Agincourt Resources to provide crisis management consultancy services, as well as a reliable online crisis management platform that could be used by English and Indonesian speakers.

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Benchmark your planning against best practice

Are your organisation’s emergency management plans best-practice? Discover how Dynamiq assesses your crisis and emergency planning and where you may need support with this free tool

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Improve your emergency capability

Understanding your specific internal and external workplace risks is the first step in improving your emergency management capability.

We will assist you in evaluating the likelihood and consequence of emergency events and work with you to improve your procedures for responding to emergencies.

Once your response plan adequately addresses your risk environment, we conduct online or face-to-face training for your people to align your approach and embed the plan across your organisation. Our emergency management training covers the Emergency Planning Committee, Emergency Control Organisation as well as Warden and Communication Officer Training.

Testing your emergency management system to respond to a variety of events is the final step in improving your emergency capability. We facilitate real-life exercises which address your risks and test your response plan. If required, we will involve the relevant external agencies such as police or emergency services.

When an emergency does occur, your people will be trained and ready to respond and recover in the quickest possible time. With these important foundations taken care of, your people can focus on getting back to business and identifying any opportunities which arise from the fall out.

Some of the ways we can enhance your emergency management framework:

• Emergency response procedures
• Emergency response planning
• Emergency response training


• Emergency response exercises
• Emergency evacuation procedures
• Disaster recovery planning.


Ensure you’re in line with best practice.


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