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Crisis management responses up to scratch?

While calculated risk-taking is a fundamental driving force in business, the cost of crisis management failures can be enormous.

Having clearly defined and easily actioned crisis management procedures is imperative for any organisation.

In addition to providing your people with adequate support, you’re showing current or potential stakeholders you have addressed your risks, as far as practicably possible. But addressing your risk isn’t about ticking boxes, it can be the difference between your organisation getting back on its feet after a crisis or having to close its doors permanently.

We help you take a clear, unbiased look at your risk profile versus your response capability. We will help you critically evaluate your policies, systems and procedures, as well as your training and exercising programs.

Once you know where you’re at, we benchmark your business against similar organisations to find out what best-practice looks like in your industry.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established organisation, we will help you make meaningful improvements to ensure your crisis response capability is robust, scalable and adequately addresses your specific operational risks.

Your new policies and procedures won’t just languish on the shelf. We assist your people to implement your plans and facilitate compelling exercises to embed your new procedures throughout your organisation and ensure you’re ready for anything.

Global Crisis and Emergency Management System

Dynamiq has been working with a major mining conglomerate since 2002, providing a global crisis and emergency management system. Now they have a world-leading and award-winning crisis management program.

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Dynamiq’s systems work across language barriers 

Dynamiq was engaged by Agincourt Resources to provide crisis management consultancy services, as well as a reliable online crisis management platform that could be used by English and Indonesian speakers.

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Benchmark your planning against best practice

Are your organisation’s emergency management plans best-practice? Discover how Dynamiq assesses your crisis and emergency planning and where you may need support with this free tool

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Measure it – Manage it

It’s simple. You can’t manage what you can’t measure so we help you gain a true picture of your risk profile. Our experts review your policies, systems and procedures to identify any gaps in your risk management framework.

Once your risk is identified, we work with you to address those risks by developing or updating your crisis management setup.

The key factor in whether your risk management framework is a success is if your people know what to do in a crisis. Our training programs ensure every aspect of your crisis response is understood by your people so they can really shine when disaster strikes.

Dynamiq can also provide exclusive and secure access to our proprietary Crisis and Emergency Management system (EMQNet), which can help your teams communicate, record information and respond more efficiently and effectively.

Providing a central repository for all crisis response documentation, relevant internal and external contacts as well as a communications hub, this cloud-based system is available from any location where there is an internet connection.

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Some of the ways we can improve your crisis management capability:

  • Crisis management framework design
  • Crisis communications
  • Virtual control room – EMQnet

  • Emergency response plans
  • Evacuation plans
  • Crisis management training
  • Crisis exercises.


Ensure your crisis plans are inline with best practice.

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