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“The most successful exercises are those events that challenge the emergency arrangements and identify improvements to the response agency procedures associated with the Aerodrome Emergency Plan.”

CASA Advisory Circular AC 139-7(0)

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Advisory Circular AC 139-7(0) dated September 2012 outlines the requirements for Aerodrome Emergency Planning in Australia.

The Advisory Circular provides guidance to aerodrome operators on the roles and functions of the Aerodrome Emergency Committee (AEC), the requirements around simulation exercises and how and when the Aerodrome Emergency Plans (AEP) should be reviewed.

CASA states in the Advisory Circular that “The aerodrome operator is responsible to ensure that a full scale emergency exercise is conducted at least once every two years”, however CASA does go on to state that it recommends these exercises are conducted annually. The importance of full scale e exercises cannot be underestimated, practising response times, as well as communication, command and control between the various response agencies is imperative to ensure any possible responses to actual events are as efficient and effective as possible.


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