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When employees are sent overseas, they can face a number of potential hazards such as disease, crime, natural disasters and civil unrest. You’re obligated to prepare your people to manage and mitigate risks while they’re on the road.


In 2017 Dynamiq was asked to conduct a Travel Safety and Security course for a global company with an Australia-based team which regularly travels to developed and developing countries.

The team had reported several ‘close calls’ where their personal safety was compromised, and they felt that they didn’t have the training or experience to deal with the kinds of personal security issues they were faced with.

The company engaged Dynamiq to conduct a three-day course aimed and improving the security awareness of the employees and enabling them to mitigate risks. The course covered:

  • Assignment preparation – including equipment required and contingency planning
  • Planning your journey – how to get to your destination, and how to get out safely
  • Personal safety and security – conduct a risk assessment, and how to identify and avoid potential hazards
  • Driving awareness – including dealing with official and unofficial vehicle checkpoints and roadblocks
  • Accommodation security – choosing appropriate accommodation and security considerations
  • Dealing with critical incidents – managing personal safety and security during natural disasters and civil unrest
  • Remote area first aid – what to do when you can’t call 000.


The value of this training was demonstrated just three weeks after the course when a staff member was able to avoid becoming the victim of a carjacking. He credited Dynamiq with giving him the skills and confidence to handle the confronting situation.

Why you should consider Travel Safety and Security Training

Dynamiq’s Travel Safety & Security course has been developed to assist employers in meeting their duty of care obligations to ensure the safety and security of employees in all locations under OHS/WHS laws.

This course is suitable for many different sectors, including business travellers, school groups, media, exploration teams, aid workers, government staff and their dependants.

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