Get back to black in lightning speed with a business continuity plan

Maintaining your essential functions or quickly resuming them after a disaster, sounds a lot like crisis management, right? Well, sort of.

You can’t have a strong business continuity strategy without a strong risk management foundation. However, your business continuity strategy needs to look far wider than your particular risks. It’s all about the businesses you depend on and your wider operating environment.

Our advisors take a look at your big picture and develop a business continuity plan which enables your people to work during a crisis, adapt to their new environment and seize any emerging opportunities.

We get into your nitty-gritty and help you analyse the potential impact of everything from natural disasters, pandemics, economic shocks and IT failures to staff losses, workplace incidents or supply chain issues. This enables you to take a step back and make a plan for those events.

You can’t prepare for every eventuality, but we will ensure your business continuity framework enables you to protect your stakeholders, reputation and ability to generate revenue in a disaster.

Is your Business Continuity Plan      watertight?

The 2010-11 Brisbane floods caused whole of business ICT system failures as ground-based electrical switchboards, air-conditioning systems, and backup power supplies flooded leading to unexpected systems shutdowns as equipment within data-rooms either lost power or overheated.

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Dynamiq helps plan for the unexpected in the Asia-Pacific

A global mining company engaged Dynamiq to implement a business continuity framework throughout the Asia Pacific to mitigate and manage potential risks including cyclones, floods and fires.

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Are you confident your Business Continuity Plans are best practice?

Benchmark your Business Continuity planning against best practice with Dynamiq’s free tool. Assess your organisational capabilities and understand where you may need support.

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Take the hit and rise again

A business impact analysis is the first step in developing a strong business continuity strategy. We assist you in collecting the right information and involving the relevant people to thoroughly map out potential disruptions to your business functions.

By understanding the potential consequences of how each risk could impact your operations, we are able to audit your capability to continue after a significant event.

We assist in identifying critical inputs to your operations and ensure they have back up suppliers or alternative materials.

Armed with this intelligence, we’re able to formulate a highly effective business continuity plan to ensure you mitigate your risks and educate your people on how to respond in a disaster. And we will be right there with you during implementation.

We conduct online or face-to-face training of your staff on your business continuity plan and procedures.

Once your plan is implemented, we regularly test your plan through a range of exercises to really embed the new learnings inside your organisation and check if your requirements have changed.

Discussion exercises allow your people to explore issues in depth in a controlled environment. While functional exercises are scenario-based and conducted in an operational environment with your team performing their allocated roles.

Field exercises take your preparation to the next level. Highly realistic scenarios involve the deployment of staff and external providers, such as emergency services, to a simulated incident or emergency.

By identifying and mitigating your risks and supporting your people to provide an effective response in a disaster, your organisation will ready to take the hit and rise again.

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