Avian flu: epidemic or pandemic?

Across South East Asia, outbreaks of Avian Influenza have been a matter of grave concern with periodic outbreaks in local communities occurring since its detection in 1997.

Epidemics can quickly turn into pandemics, and because there are various factors that contribute to an epidemic, pathogenic virus outbreaks are hard to forecast and manage proactively. Accurate information coupled with a clear risk management posture is the most effective way to prevent and manage these periodic outbreaks.

One organisation facing this crisis enlisted the help of Dynamiq and their EMQnet team to map and manage the spread of the virus.

The EMQnet platform

The EMQnet platform is designed to effortlessly integrate into an organisation’s internal structure. The platform connects teams across the globe in case of an incident, ensuring seamless communication. EMQnet is a resilience platform designed to suit any organisation’s needs in crisis and emergency management, security management, and risk management.

When an organisation operates in a high-risk environment, they can depend on Dynamiq and EMQnet to deliver the right information and tools to ensure smooth communication.

How EMQnet was used to help manage an outbreak.

Dynamiq provided the organisation with the EMQnet platform to track outbreaks of the HPAIV infection, something that they have done successfully for over 12 years. The data, reporting and knowledge database has proved instrumental in producing accurate forecasts and supporting the effective management and response to new cases that have emerged over time.

EMQnet data the ‘go to’ for government and health agencies

With the help of EMQnet the organisation was able to create the most comprehensively mapped data on the avian influenza cases in the region. This was recognised by government and health agencies who requested the data be shared with them. This data became a trusted element in the overall strategy for managing outbreaks – underscoring the role and importance of the EMQnet platform.

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