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Dynamiq Business Continuity Framework

Dynamiq helps small and large organisations around the world with business continuity planning. Put simply, business continuity planning helps you create a system of prevention and recovery tasks to deal with potential threats to your organisation.


A global mining company engaged Dynamiq to support them in implementing a business continuity framework through the Asia Pacific region. Due to the nature and locations of their various operations, they were vulnerable to a range of disruptions such as cyclones, floods or fires. They also had a governance requirement to present their business continuity capabilities to stakeholders.

Dynamiq deployed business continuity experts to visit more than twenty mine sites and non-mining operations throughout the Asia Pacific region. Our business continuity experts worked with management from the various sites to identify and confirm possible disruption scenarios specific to the sites, primarily based on existing identified risks.

Upon completing the business impact assessments and workaround plans, Dynamiq conducted training sessions and simulation exercises with the individual sites to ensure that the workaround plans could be quickly acted upon and were suitable for the specific disruption scenario.


The organisation implemented a robust business continuity framework, and it was properly tested to ensure gaps were identified and addressed. Senior management was able to demonstrate to the board and shareholders that their business units could effectively respond to and recover from a crisis incident with minimal disruption.

With the help of Dynamiq, this global mining organisation was able to operate in confidence, knowing that they could recover from any possible disruption.

Why you should consider Business Continuity Planning

The ultimate goal is to ensure that your business can continue operations before, during, and after an unforeseeable disruption event.

Whether it’s an earthquake or a flood; a catastrophic fire in your data centre or an outbreak of a pandemic within your operations, business continuity planning provides the best possible chance that you can continue your business operations smoothly.

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