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Diverse workforce required crisis management framework


An Indonesian resources company, with a head office in Jakarta required a real-time system to manage their issues and incidents and communicate across the different sites.

The mostly Indonesian workforce was supported by a small number of English-speaking expatriates so the system needed to address the language differences.


Dynamiq worked with the client to implement EMQnet, a virtual control room which connects their Crisis Management Team with their mine site in Sumatra.

Team members can log in from anywhere in the world, on any device and the language translation feature allows for English and Indonesian translation.

During an incident, immediate and verifiable facts enable quick and effective action. Time-stamped records of team members’ actions enable a clear picture of events and well-informed decision making.

After the incident, a clear record of what occurred allows the Crisis Management Team to investigate causal factors, review the effectiveness of their response and make the required adjustments for next time.

Dynamiq conducts annual crisis management training and simulations in English and Indonesian, to ensure the system and procedures are tested and the Crisis Management Team is well prepared for any incident.

Why you should consider EMQnet

The system is easy to implement and highly flexible so it can be customised to fit any operational requirements.

With ISO 27001 Information Security Management Systems accreditation, your data is 100% safe and secure.

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